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Helene Böhme

Helene Böhme started her classical singing education at the age of 15 by Franziska Vulpius to prepare for the A level in music. After two years in which she also received instruction from Christoph Bayer she successfully finished school at the Karl-Theodor-v.-Dalberg-Gymnasium. Immediately after she began her dual studies at the Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt under the guide of Elisabeth Schmock. Since then she strives for perfection in many different fields, be it with internal courses like opera studies or band work or through masterclasses with personalities like Christine Schäfer, Carlos Xavier Rodriguez, Marie-Paule Hallard or Gerhart Roth.

Franciel Monteiro

was born in Sao Paulo and started playing the guitar with Claudio Weizmann at the Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo. As his major mentor Franciel had Henrique Pinto during his Bachelor degrees course, his most significant teacher. At that time he showed a deep interest in learning composition and guitar improvisation language. Almeida Prado and Camilo Carrara were his tutors in this respective field. After concluding his bachelor he took a private orientation with Fabio Zanon for three years.

In 2013 he moved to Germany in order to study with Tilman Hoppstock at the Akademie für Tonkunst. Innumerous master classes were attended during Franciel's studies, for instance with Leo Brouwer, David Russel, Paulo Martelli, Joao Luis and Everton Gloeden. Monteiro has won several guitar competitions including national and international. Furthermore he performed at important brasilian and international festivals such as the 40th International Winterfestival in Campos do Jordao, movimento Violao, the Aschaffenburger Gitarrentage and the Festival Leo Brower.

In 2016 he has performed Villa Lobos´ concert for guitar and small orchestra in Costa Rica during the Festival Internacional de Musica con Plectro, which is a social impulse of creating a public guitar image and raising awareness for the existence of classical guitar music. As a versatile and sought-after chamber musician Franciel Monteiro performs in different occupations like playing with violin, oboe, flute, harpsichord, string quartet and chamber orchestra. Recently he has been working with Helene Böhme with detailed arrangement for the guitar-accompaniment, which is done carefully by himself.

Since 2017 he has been studying at the Music University in Frankfurt with Michael Sagmeister with the technical focus on instrumental education. Consequently he has been actively working as guitar teacher for children/youths.

The Duo

Helene Böhme and Franciel Monteiro first met at the Akademie für Tonkunst where both of them studied. Thanks to a gig in a café they established a duo, meeting their first challenge of preparing three hours worth of repertoire. Even though this premiere of the duo was cancelled, they didn´t lose heart and worked on, which resulted in much praise from their tutors for their workmanship. On 30th October 2015 the duo finally received its premiere in the Awake Café in Mainz where it swept the audience of its proverbial feet. The successful concert inspired the artists to assemble some classical repertoire together as well, despite their consent that the duo is mainly a bossa nova and jazz one. In that field duos composed of a singer and a guitarist are standard line-up nowadays, for example like Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass. What distinguishes “The Bossa Nova Duo” from the rest? Alongside to the classical world this duo also shows its audience the world of jazz, bossa nova and even samba thus showing a broad variety of music without becoming common. The reason they manage that is because their top priority is flexibility without cutting back on the quality. When you are relishing in those sounds and nuances eventually, you are going to admit that all these friday mornings were worth it.


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The Bossa Nova Duo im Herrngarten Café

  • 03.7.2016
I am delighted to tell you that this summer we will play in the wonderful Herrngarten Café (herrngarten.cafe) on a regular basis! We will perform for one and a half hour - of course only if the weather permits it. But because that is never easy to predict we will release the dates only shortly beforehand. I hope you won´t let that stop you from coming and enjoying a relaxed time with our music.


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